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Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

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Commercial Deep Cleaning

We at London Cleaning Specialist aim to fulfill bespoke commercial deep cleaning services at an exceptionally high standard. We have experience in cleaning a range of sectors including universities, halls of residence, student house cleaning, colleges, schools, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, GP surgeries, doctor clinics and more.

Our fantastic cleaners in London are highly qualified and trained available to be deployed to any commercial cleaning services jobs.


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Deep Cleaning: What is Does it Mean?

Deep Cleaning is different from Regular cleaning as it requires pulling out and reaching difficult to reach areas and spaces that are not covered in your regular and routine cleans. That is why we act according to a specific plan to achieve the quality and hygienic standards expected for any premises.

Regular Cleaning, what will this involve?

  • General Spaces: Entrances Access Points and Receptions, Corridors and Hallways, Office Space, Meeting Rooms, etc
  • Carpets: Vaccum Cleaning
  • Hard Floor: Vaccum and mopping of hard floors
  • Waste & Recycle Bins: Remove contents and provide clean liners, assuring appropriate liner is suitable for the bin
  • Furniture: Tidy soft furnishings and vacuum
  • Glazing\Mirrored Surfaces (including access doors up to hand height): Cleaned and polished
  • Entrance Doors: Clean both sides of all entry doors, including furniture and glazing

Deep Cleaning, What Will This Involve?

General Spaces: Entrances Access Points and Receptions, Corridors and Hallways, Office Space, Meeting Rooms, etc
Carpets: Vacuum clean. Eliminate stains and spillages
Hard Floor: Vacuum plus washing hard floors
Skirting/Pipes: Free from dust, cobwebs, and movable stains
Walls: Free from dust, cobwebs, and removable stains using dusters and soapy water
Fixtures & Fittings: Cleaned and free from marks. Desk & Chair internally & externally free from dust, movable blemishes. Also, desks cleared internally with a wipe down both inside and externally.
Surfaces/Cupboards/Cabinets: Internally And Externally Cleaned, smear-free
Radiators: Free from dust, cobwebs, and movable stains.
Vacuum fully Floor Space: Vacuum thoroughly, removing any types of movable stains and reporting non-removable.
High-Level Tops And Door: Remove dust around the hinges and tops cleaned from removable stains.
Furniture: Tidy soft furnishings, vacuum and eliminate blemishes
Glazing\Mirrored Surfaces (including entrance doors to hand height): Internal Windows All frames, ledges, handles, and glass to be free of dust, marks, smears, and stickers using a special glass cleaner. 
Skirting/Pipes: Free from dust, cobwebs, and movable stains
Entrance Doors: Clean both surfaces of all doors, including furniture and glazing, and polish.
Hard Surfaces & Carpet Areas: Blemish clean as needed and polish any wooden/hard flooring

We promise you:

  • No hidden or added charges. 
  • We use the most trustworthy and powerful cleaning supplies and equipment, targeting the build-up of dirt and grime.
  • We are competitive on cost and flexible on your requirements.
  • Quick Reply – Fast booking.

Facts About Workplace Health Risks

  • The average keyboard, chair, and workstation mouse contain 21,000 germs per square inch; your average workstation is a dwelling for over 10 million bacteria. In context, that’s 400 times more germs than a standard toilet seat.
  • Influenza or The Flu is liable for nearly 200 million days of decreased productivity.  An incredible 75 million days off work. The (CDC) Centre for Disease Control and Prevention advises that to stop the spread of influenza at work, cleaning and sanitising surfaces and objects that may be contaminated are crucial.
  • Almost 80% of common infections are spread by touch. That implies that germs spread each time you touch items in the office.
  • The average computer keyboard harbours around 7500 bacteria and astonishingly 11% of office workers never clean them! Fewer than half of people only sanitise their keyboard less than once a month. It is well known that diseases like the Flu can remain on surfaces for up to 24 hours. Strains of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 can survive up to 9 days and are most powerful up to 72hrs from first landing on a surface.

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